4 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Arizona Home

Sell Your Arizona Home

Convinced that spring is the best time to sell your home? Think again. According to a national study, homes listed in winter have a 9% greater likelihood of selling, and sell one week faster on average for 1.2 percent more (relative to list price) than homes listed in any other season. In fact, during the winter months, Phoenix tops the charts for selling a home within six months of the listing date.

Why? The luxury home Realtors at Walt Danley break it down to four main reasons:

Reason #1: Good Weather for Buyers

Beautiful weather is our number one reason why winter is the best time to sell your home in Arizona. As the rest of the country heads indoors during the brisk winter days and evenings, Phoenicians are outside enjoying mild temperatures.

Reason #2: It’s Easier to Move

Take it from us, no one enjoys moving to (or from) the Phoenix area during the summertime. In the hottest months, temperatures can be high enough to warrant closing down Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. In the wintertime, buyers here won’t have to worry about trudging through snow just to get to the front door.

Reason #3: More Buyers Are in Town

If you’re familiar with the Phoenix metro area, you know it’s a prime location for winter visitors – aka “snow birds”. A significant amount of the home buying in Scottsdale is done by second-home buyers looking for winter residences. We see more of these buyers in the winter months than we do in the summer months.

Reason #4: Highlight Seasonal Pluses

Since residents of the greater Phoenix area spend much of their time outdoors during the fall and winter months, showing off a glowing fireplace or fire pit in your backyard is a huge plus. Buyers who visit your home can get a better feel for what they can expect when they move in. Also, cooler weather means it’s time to heat up the outdoor jetted spa.

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