5 Ways to Bring Your Family Together in a Large Home

Large Home

If you own a luxury home, you know it’s almost impossible to get everyone together in the same room at one time. From dad working on his computer in the home office to the kids playing video games in the entertainment room downstairs, everyone is busy doing their own thing – especially on weeknights. If you’re determined to spend a little more quality time with your family, here are five activities you can arrange to encourage everyone’s involvement.

1). Prepare a Meal

Who doesn’t love comfort food? No matter how big your home is, the inviting smell of turkey baking in the oven will lure every family member into the kitchen; even the dog! Mix it up by trying a new recipe, or ask your kids what their dream meal would be. This way, you can build excitement for the next family dinner.

2). Host Family Game or Movie Night

Weekly game or movie nights can help bring family together for shared fun. Each week, let one member of the family choose a game or movie. Take turns, so that another family member chooses the following week’s activity. Games can include traditional board games like Monopoly or CLUE, pool/billiards, or even a kid-friendly pursuit like hide-and-seek. When choosing a movie, keep the whole family in mind. For example, a comedy would be appropriate for everyone, while horror movies are best suited to adults and older teens.

3). Art Night

Do you have a family full of artists, or is mom the crafty one? Organize a fun project that incorporates dad’s woodworking skills or mom’s painting talents. No matter what your skill level, there’s something that each member of the family can help with. Projects can be as simple as creating homemade birthday cards to complex tasks like building a birdhouse in the backyard.

4). Family Talent Show

Here’s a chance to get creative and showcase your family’s performing talents (or lack thereof). Take turns hosting family talent show night in your living room. Try to make the event as realistic as possible – bring in extra lighting, curtains, and a microphone for the full effect. If you’re running out of talents to show off, transform this night into a game show night where you come up with fun TV-style quiz games to play.

5). Root for your Favorite Sports Team

The NFL and NBA seasons are in full swing, so now’s a great time to get the family together in front of the big screen. Invite some friends over to join in on the fun, and put snacks around the room for everyone to munch on throughout the game.

Spending quality time with family is possible, even if you have a large home. However, if you’re beginning to wonder if you have too much home, or are considering a change of scenery, the Realtors at Walt Danley can help. Visit our website to contact us for more information.