6 High–Tech Landscaping Ideas

High–Tech Landscaping Ideas

With smart devices becoming so prevalent inside the home nowadays, why not bring smart technology to your backyard? “The outdoor entertaining trend has been gaining momentum over the past several years, and this year has seen a further desire to bring the indoors out,” says Missy Henriksen, Vice President of Public Affairs for the National Association of Landscape Professionals. We’ve come up with a list of high-tech landscaping ideas for anyone who wishes to enhance their outdoor space.

Automatic Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Put your fire-starting kit away! There’s a remote control for that now. Gone are the days where homeowners had to collect wood and build a fire by hand. Now, you can control your fire pit with the touch of a button. Whether you want to build more flames or set an automatic shut-off timer, the options are better than ever before.

Wifi Enabled Grills

Grilling just got easier. Now you can fire up the grill and walk away without having to worry about standing by to adjust the temperature. Have a seat inside, or entertain your guests all while changing the temperature, setting timers, and accessing tons of recipes straight from the app on your iPhone.

Outdoor Speaker System

Imagine floating in your pool and drifting off to a far corner, where you’re still in earshot of the music. Most wireless outdoor speakers only cover a small diameter. This high-tech speaker system has 8 separate satellite speakers that homeowners can place discreetly around their landscape for evenly distributed sound. The best part? You won’t have to crank up the volume, which makes you a more considerate neighbor.

Motion-Activated LED Lights

With today’s technology, you have the power to control a light bulb’s brightness from the palm of your hand or the sound of your voice. Don’t want to change out your existing light bulbs? Attach a motion-activated lamp socket to the existing bulb instead. This device provides added security and automatically dims and brightens according to the time of day, saving you money on energy costs.

LED Ball Lamps

LED ball lamps are freestanding and give off the right amount of accent light. Once connected to your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to separately set a timer and adjust the intensity, color, and mode of your lights using the app. They’re also energy efficient and look stylish in your front yard, or by the pool.

Smart Irrigation System

Have you ever seen a sprinkler system running in the pouring rain? A smart irrigation system with a weather sensor could save you lots of money down the road. This is especially helpful if you are away and your automatic timer continues to go off even though it’s been raining for the past three days.

Smart technology isn’t going away. In fact, we believe this is just the beginning of what’s to come. Realtors at Walt Danley suggest you keep your home in the Phoenix Metro area updated for when you’re ready to sell. If you plan on putting your house on the market in the near future, please contact us today.