7 Desirable Outdoor Water Features for Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes

For luxury homeowners, backyard design is just as important as indoor design. Phoenix residents spend a lot of time outdoors, especially near water. Because the area is so warm, water features such as pools, waterfalls, and fountains are at the top of many local homebuyers’ “must have” lists.

Feeling like your outdoor space could use a bit of a touch up? Take a look at some of these desirable outdoor water features that would look great in any backyard.

If you have an incredible view, you may want to consider having an infinity pool custom-built in your backyard. They provide magnificent unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape, and have a resort-like feel. Plus, infinity pools aren’t commonplace yet, thus giving you an advantage in the current competitive market.

Sheet waterfalls have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The elegant and soothing sound the water makes is attractive to those who wish to transform their backyard into a spa sanctuary. These waterfalls can be added onto a pool, or made to stand alone.

You won’t have to make reservations for this cabana! Although not exactly a water feature, personal cabanas are a great addition to any luxury home with a pool. Enjoy a private space where you can unwind and stay cool on the weekends, all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Create your own desert oasis by installing a large cascading waterfall along the edge of your pool. Waterfalls not only sound beautiful, they change the look and overall appeal of your yard as well.

This unique rock pool water feature is ideal for smaller sections of your backyard. It provides light soothing splashes, and is relatively easy to maintain. You could even take it one step further by installing a koi pond at the base.

For a larger space in the backyard, a grand wall fountain would be a perfect addition. It makes for a romantic patio setting and provides a wonderful backdrop for photos.

Listening to the trickling noise of a stone fountain can put anyone’s mind at ease. Arrange this fountain near your home so you can hear it from inside with the windows open, allowing you to enjoy it anytime of the year.

By updating your outdoor space with these beautiful water features, your Phoenix-area home is likely to increase in value. Whether you’re planning to sell in the near or far future, you’ll be grateful that your home stands out amongst the rest. For more tips on how to sell your home, give the Realtors at Walt Danley a call at 480-991-2050. We’d be happy to help you every step of the way!