Letters From Our Clients


Roxanne Johnson is a professional, knowledgeable real estate agent whose warmth, charm and sense of humor allowed us to progress smoothly. She most definitely reflects Walt Danley’s commitment to excellence in all ways. Roxanne is a delight, and we absolutely recommend her with our highest praise!

Jim and Wanda

Mr. Danley,

We thought it appropriate and quite necessary to share our experiences with Jack and Raul.

We have been working with them for many months, and throughout our encounters, they have been truly professional and most generous with their time and experience.  No matter what challenges they meet, we know that they have our best interest at heart.

It is refreshing to know that within the vast quagmire of incompetent agents, we have been fortunate to find two souls who are dedicated to both their craft as well as to our occasionally peculiar demands.

Thank you and thank them.

Peter and Debra

Dear Mr. Danley:

We are writing to commend the work performed by Libby Cohen as our agent in connection with the recent purchase of our home in Paradise Valley. Libby went beyond the expected to insure that the purchase and subsequent move into our new home went smoothly. For example, Libby coordinated flooring and painting contractors on our behalf while we were still living in Texas. We could go on and on … never before have we received such excellent service from a real estate agent.

We would also like to thank you for the role that you played in this transaction. It is clear that you place the highest priority on transparency and integrity. Congratulations on the continued success of your outstanding firm.

Wes and Luba


We have been wanting to give you some feedback on the extraordinarily positive experience of working with you and Seth on the purchase of our home for quite a while now. My apologies for not getting to this any sooner, but new house, new town, new job and new school had us fall behind on a number of things and only now are we finally catching up with the various items on our to-do list. Please feel free to use the following testimonial at your discretion:

I am a corporate attorney and know great deal-making when I see it. The professionalism Walt and Seth displayed during our recent home purchase is second to none. Not only were both available 24/7 throughout the engagement, they also drove the transaction to closing with an admirable focus on the substantive issues. We love efficiency and every email exchange, every call with Seth served to remove road blocks and resolve issues within the parameters we had previously outlined- that is deal-making at its best. But most compelling to us was the fact that both Seth and Walt conducted themselves with the highest level of integrity from start to finish. They stand by their word and can be trusted- an invaluable asset in any industry but the real estate world in particular. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with them, both personally and professionally. We could not imagine working with anyone else for future real estate needs.

Again, a big thank-you from both Kimberly and me.

All the best,

Marcel and Kimberly

Dear Mr. Danley,

Jack and Chase recently helped me with the purchase of my new home. This was my 5th home buying experience, and I have to say it was the best one. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, customer care and knowledge were exceptional. It was truly a pleasure to work with both of them. I wanted you to know they represent your firm well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a selling or buying agent.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Karen Y.

Thanks for all your hard work so far. We truly couldn’t be in better hands. With your experience, you’ve gained a poise and professionalism I hope to emulate in my career. I have complete trust that we will find a home in which my family can flourish.

Have a great week

Ross D.

Dear Walt,

Just a short note to tell you what a gem you have in Karen Pratte, who recently helped us sell our home in Estate Antigua.

As you may know from talking to my father, early in the process, we’d had the property on the market for quite some time. After almost 2 years without even a viable offer, we made the decision to change realtors, and that’s when we chose your firm.

Once Karen took over, things really started to happen. We were immediately struck by her professionalism, her wonderful personality, and can-do approach to selling our home. So easy to work with. So much energy. And the fact that I am based in New Jersey didn’t make it any easier for Karen. She basically handled everything to make sure our home was always in tip-top shape for showings. And once we had an offer, Karen handled everything associated with getting the repairs done that were required to get to closing … all within a very tight schedule.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Karen absolutely made the difference in our getting this house sold. Without her, we’d still be sitting with an unsold listing. All said, this was a great experience for us, and I just wanted you to know how much we
appreciate her.


John B.

Wonderful Libby,

The art that you gave to us is such an important part of our new home and we treasure it. It serves as a permanent reminder that we had the best real estate agent ever representing us in the purchase of our spectacular home.

Warm regards,

Norma and Jim

A note to thank you, Catherine Jacobson, and Walt Danley Real Estate for a wonderful job done on both the sale of the 59th Place residence and the procurement of my Casa Blanca home! It was a pleasure working with you, you’re both professional and very calm!!! You went above and beyond on a lot of issues and made the transactions close!!!! Many thanks again and I would use you and your firm again in a minute!!!

Doug H.

I have relocated ten times, so buying and selling homes is not new for me, and I have had a variety of real estate agents over the years. By far, Walt Danley’s agency is superior. We were not certain which area we wanted to settle in, so Walt set us up with two of his agents – one for North Scottsdale and the other for Paradise Valley. He knows that one agent cannot be an expert in all locations. We worked with both agents until we decided which area we wanted to live in. Both Troy and Libby were amazing agents who were knowledgeable in the details of their areas and were able to help us sort through our options. Neither agent pushed us, or tried to influence our decision, and both seemed genuinely concerned for our well being. We ultimately chose the PV area, and Libby was outstanding. She handled the details of the sale expertly including the tricky inspection period. She was able to negotiate win-win so that all parties are happy with the deal. She is completely organized, professional and dependable. Again, by far the best agent I have worked with accross the county. I don’t usually write online reviews, but an agency with such an incredibly strong work ethic deserves to be recognized. I highly recommend Walt Danley.

Bill and Jean

Great, thanks for you being on top of all of this. I know you have to deal with many different types of people and you do a great job handling all of them.

If we were in Phoenix I would take you out to a nice dinner as you have done an amazing job!

Larry W.

The Walt Danley Group June 7, 2011

Buying a home is usually an exciting and fun experience. Selling a home is can be just the opposite; stressful and seemingly never over. Our experience as a seller was surprisingly pleasant and stress free.

We were fortunate to list our home with The Walt Danley Group and to have Roger Fitness as our

Roger is a true professional as a realtor, a timely and precise communicator and a great facilitator.

We were away for much of the time the house was on the market and never had a problem or worry due to Roger’s diligence and communication.

During the sale and closing, we were constantly informed by Roger regarding the sales/closing process. Roger and The Walt Danley Group were instrumental in helping us to competitively price the home. They committed significant up-front marketing and dollars to strategically present our home to potential buyers in selected publications. The buyer first viewed our home on the internet and was very interested before seeing the home for the first time.

To say we are satisfied with Roger Fitness and The Walt Danley Group would be an understatement. We highly recommend them to anyone either buying or selling a home. You will not be disappointed.

Harry and Gwen


You and I have been in Real Estate for a long time and know that the hard to do deals are done by the Agents not the Buyer and Seller.

I do want to thank you for all your assistance in making this one come to a successful conclusion. But as good as we think we are, it would have never closed without the determination and professionalism of Karen Ganz. From the minute my Clients were introduced to Karen they felt that she was working on their behalf.

I look forward to taking you both to lunch soon-

Best regards,

David C.


It has been a treat working with a true pro. Our new home is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have found it without you. You have an uncanny ability to sift through what we “thought” we wanted and showed us we really wanted. Lisa didn’t even want to drive by the house, but we are sure glad you insisted – your instincts were on target.

Your calm demeanor and reassuring words were invaluable during and after the inspection and the way you handled all of the issues made all parties happy – a remarkable feat.

Thanks again and we look forward to keeping in touch.

Mike and Lisa

Dear Walt,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my appreciation for a job well done. You came highly recommended from a business associate and you exceeded the glowing reference every step of the way.

I am certain that had a “typical” Realtor been representing me, the deal would have fallen apart (assuming they could have ever gotten the eventual buyer to write a contract – one more visit to the house and I would have started charging rent!) You kept your head while the buyer, seller and other agent were ready to walk away. Thank you for keeping the deal from imploding.

Your staff and your marketing are second to none. It’s easy to see why you’re so successful.

Rest assured, if we ever move back to the Valley, you will be our first call!

Here’s to your continued success.

Matt and Tina

Dear Mr. Danley:

A couple years ago Anita Best did an outstanding job of selling my townhouse in a very difficult market.

Since then, from time to time I receive welcomed communications from your company.

In fact, I ALWAYS open mail from you! That is not the case with most of the advertising mail that comes across my desk…

I LOVE the pets you showcase on your promotions! Your calendars always are in a prominent place at my house. I know mail from you will be up beat, attractive, and in good taste!

I’m not ready to sell my house, but please keep me on your mailing list! Many thanks! God bless!

Joy M.

Dear Walt:

We are writing to share with you our complete satisfaction and admiration of Karen Pratte, who successfully leased our home with great tenants.

When we called Karen Pratte to put our home on the market, she took immediate action to list it in a compelling way. Since we live in southern California, Karen was also very helpful in doing the little things to get our home ready to show to prospects.

Within just a few days Karen presented us several qualified tenants in which to choose from at our asking price. She was also very efficient and knowledgeable in getting all the docs signed and monies deposited.

In short, we are a big fan of Karen’s style and expertise towards meeting our needs and in representing the Walt Danley Group in a professional way.

Tony and Gail