Letters From Our Clients

Karen Pratte:

Dear Walt,

We are writing to share with you our complete satisfaction and admiration of Karen Pratte, who successfully leased our home with great tenants.

When we called Karen Pratte to put our home on the market, she took immediate action to list it in a compelling way. Since we live in southern California, Karen was also very helpful in doing the little things to get our home ready to show to prospects.

Within just a few days Karen presented us several qualified tenants in which to choose from at our asking price. She was also very efficient and knowledgeable in getting all the docs signed and monies deposited.

In short, we are a big fan of Karen’s style and expertise towards meeting our needs and in representing the Walt Danley Group in a professional way.

Tony and Gail

Walt Danley:

Great, thanks for you being on top of all of this. I know you have to deal with many different types of people and you do a great job handling all of them.

If we were in Phoenix I would take you out to a nice dinner as you have done an amazing job!

Larry W.

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