Agent Spotlight: Allison Cahill

Allison Cahill has lived in some great cities, but after twelve years here, she can say with certainty that Scottsdale is her favorite. Allison attended Loyola University of Chicago Law School, and practiced asset protection in Chicago before becoming one of Walt Danley’s star associates. We ask our own Allison Cahill 20 questions…

Allison Cahill, Associate Realtor

1. I was born… Kansas City (barbeque expert)
2. My favorite thing about Arizona… The weather of course!!
3. I’m listening to… Sirius XM Business radio sponsored by the Wharton School of Business (for my Philly people!) and reading about the art of negotiation on Audible
4. My family… My husband and I were high school sweethearts; we’ve been together for thirty years, and we have two wonderful kids and a 100 pound black fur ball/ lap dog named Jo

Allison with her High School Sweetheart, 30 years strong… 

5. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Abe Lincoln; he put himself out there… obviously… he got shot… but he put what he felt was right first, just an admirable person.
6. One thing I cannot live without… Espresso
7. When I was younger, I wanted to be… a politician and an attorney – I got to the attorney part, and got out of politics (laughs)
8. I’m inspired by… I work with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation Leadership Circle, and I’m so inspired by the patients at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and their positive outlook on life. They have this attitude that things will be okay, and they’re probably some of the strongest people I’ve ever met. They fight through it and they’re not scared — it’s crazy. An adult would be terrified.
9. The one person who motivates me is… My children (bashful smile)

Allison and her beautiful family

10. If I could change anything in the world, it would be… Hatred.
11. The perfect day would be… A morning hike at the Gateway Trailhead followed by a round of golf in the afternoon, and then end the day down at Van Buren to see a show with my Husband. We absolutely love concerts! We saw Churches a few months ago and loved it.
12. My first job was… Bottling cleaning chemicals for my father’s company. He paid me 50 cents an hour. I was 12. I have since learned about child labor laws.
13. My favorite escape… La Jolla.
14. I’m currently working on… My Green designation in Real Estate. It’s all about understanding how to represent a seller or a buyer of smart and green homes and sustainability practices. I’m on the sustainability committee for the Scottsdale Association of Area Realtors, it’s something I feel very strongly about.

Allison and Hubby love the outdoors, especially golf!

15. Always… be kind, even when it’s difficult.
16. Never… send out an email without proof reading it!
17. Favorite Quote… “This world is but a canvas to our imagination” – I love Thoreau.
18. Biggest Dream… It’s gonna sound contrived but it’s not, but given the health challenges our family has had, My biggest dream is for all of us to be a happy and healthy family.
19. My perfect home…. A soft contemporary with an open air concept, on about 5 acres sitting in the McDowell Mountains, and with an outdoor master bath. When I win the lottery… or sell a lot of houses (laughs)

20. If readers would like to contact you…

Twitter: @RealEstate85255
Facebook: @AllisonCahillandPartnersLuxuryProperties
Instagram: @acparternsluxprop