Agent Spotlight: Julie Rohr 

One of Walt Danley’s finest, Julie Rohr has extensive knowledge of the luxury home markets in North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Specializing in luxury golf course communities, Julie’s vast experience throughout the Valley’s markets makes her one of the best agents in the business: “my passion is getting people where they want to be in life, whether that is selling a current home or buying a new residence.” This week, we sit with our own Julie Rohr 

Julie and her mentor, Walt Danley
  1. I was born… In Northfield, Minnesota. It was  a small college town, but infamous for being the location of the defeat of Jesse James!
  2. My favorite thing about Arizona… Probably the great people I’ve met. I moved out here for 14 years ago, and have made lifelong friends. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my life with the people I love!
  3. A typical day in my life includes… An enormous amount of multitasking. Classic Realtor. 
  4. I’m listening to… A LOT of Earth, Wind, and Fire! We recently went to their show in Downtown Phoenix. They… were… phenomenal. I was stunned. Some of the original members are still with them and they still sound as classic as they did in the 70s. They were so fabulous! I can’t get their songs out of my head! 
  5. My family… My husband and I have a blended family, so I have 4 step children and 2 kids of my own, and they live everywhere BUT here. From New York to San Francisco — full on coast-to-coast. It would be nice to have them here in sunny AZ, but they’re all doing very well, so I really can’t complain! 
  6. One thing I cannot live without… M&Ms. They’re my one true vice. I prefer them chilled. Absolutely classic.
  7. When I was younger, I wanted to be… an Olympic gymnast. I was about 10, and I was a gymnast at the time, and I just loved the personal challenge of it — the discipline, the performance, the strive for perfection. I still find it incredibly beautiful. 
Julie (front row, third from left) in her gymnast days!
  1. I’m inspired by… People with special needs and the challenges they face, and the grace with which so many handle it. My daughter is severely handicapped and she is my personal hero. She inspires me every day of my life.  
  2. The one person who motivates me is… In business, I would say my mentor Walt. In my personal life, my mother, who’s just an amazing woman. She’s 91 years old, and she’s still selling real estate! She graduated from college with honors and proceeded to have 7 children… just all around a woman I admire greatly. She’s just an incredible person. I love my mom! What can I say?
  1. If I could change anything in the world, it would be… Homes for the homeless.  
  2. The perfect day would be… 18 holes of golf, followed by closing three big sales, and topped off with dinner at Elements with five of my best friends. That’s the life.  
  3. My first job was… I was a bus girl at a very, very high-end French restaurant. It was so fun; I was only 15 or 16 and got to hang around super cool college students who were waiting on the patrons, and I got to try foods I would never have even dreamed of trying. The chef was the chef for the Queen Mary for a long time, so it really was top-notch. He was a real ass though (haha). But yes, definitely an eye opening experience for a young ingenue. 
Thanksgiving with friends! Julie still loves delicious food!
  1. My favorite escape… It sounds corny, but a really good book does it for me every time. I read every night. I like pretty much anything historical fiction, preferably focused on the World War II era. I’m sort of a junkie for the European arena of WWII — I studied German for 10 years and spent a fair amount of time there and eventually became somewhat obsessed with the history! Fascinating stuff.  
  2. Always… Remember where you came from.  
  3. Never… Let your pride hurt your pocket book. A mentor of mine told me that and I’ve never forgotten. 
  4. And finally, my perfect home… Has incredible views. It would be contemporary but not stark modern, I would want it a little more warm and inviting. It would be very understated, yet luxurious. ENORMOUS closet.