Agent Spotlight: Karen Pratte

A Valley resident for over 42 years, Karen Pratte joined the Walt Danley Group after nearly three decades of executive level fundraising for local charities. But who’s the Walt Danley team member behind the Open House? We ask our own Karen Pratte twenty questions…

Karen Pratte, Associate Realtor

1. I was born… in Brownsville, Texas on the Mexican border close to South Padre Island.
2. My favorite thing about Arizona… is it’s natural beauty, from the desert to the awesome
mountains, to the glorious sunsets.
3. A typical day in my life… begins with prayer.
4. I’m listening to… “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

Karen (center) at the Walt Danley Ladies’ holiday brunch

5. My family is… everything to me and I am truly blessed with every single one.
6. If I could have dinner with anyone… it would be with my Dad.
7. One thing I could not live without… is my faith.
8. When I was younger… I wanted to be an author.

9. I’m inspired by… my father.
10. The one person who motivates me… is my father. He’s a big deal (laughs). He was the one person who
believed in me, and he truly was my hero: he loved adventure in life, he always took risks, he loved traveling… he just loved being out there, whether it was outdoors – he loved the beach and his ranch – 0r around people. He always loved life. He loved it. He always wanted to turn the corner and find the next adventure. He was quite amazing: a pilot, a fisherman, a writer, a poet, an adventurer, a traveler. He is my hero. There’s 8 of us (his children) and starting the year I turned 20, he started writing a monthly newsletter to the family, a piece about what was going on in that month with the family, whether it was adventures, vacations, or babies. So now we have a a monthly chronology of our family for twenty five years. Even after he was gone, we still had no idea the extent of his reach. He was honored by the Texas State Senate! He was bigger than life, and I wouldn’t be who I am without him believing in me.

Karen on an adventure… Like father like daughter!

11. If I could change anything in the world… it would be to end worldwide homelessness and poverty and have peace throughout the world.
12. The perfect day would be… in Tuscany with special friends that love life, enjoying eating, drinking and sharing stories. The best part of life is sharing it with extraordinary people.13. My first job… was in high school working in my father’s business at McNair Clothing Co. in Brownsville, TX as a receptionist and key punch computer operator.
14. My favorite escape… is working in my garden and having a glass of wine…and reading!

Karen relaxing in her favorite way — with wine and good company!

15. I’m currently working on… being the best that I can be. Living life to it’s fullest…..and smelling the roses.
16. Always… look for the positive in difficult situations.
17. Never… lose faith.
18. Favorite quote… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” from Philippians 4:13
19. My biggest dream… is to have lived my life to the fullest without any regrets.

20. My perfect home… would have a large kitchen opening to a great room opening to an intimate, beautiful yard with flower and vegetable gardens where I could entertain my closest friends.