Agent Spotlight: Libby Cohen

Highly recognized as one of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale’s top luxury Realtors, Libby Cohen has sold over $300 million in real estate. But who’s the Walt Danley team member behind the Open House? We ask our own Libby Cohen twenty questions…

Libby Cohen, Associate Realtor

1. I was born… At St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

2. My favorite thing about Arizona… The sunshine!

3. A typical day in my life includes… Sitting in front of my computer, showing beautiful homes, and getting to interact with wonderful colleagues.

4. I’m listening to… Oprah’s Super Soul series podcast. She speaks with Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie – all of these great authors, and it’s essentially about finding purpose in life, and increasing your ability to be present. Being present seems to be the overall take-away.

5. My family… Brings me endless joy. It’s true. My daughter Rebecca, 26, is a sales representative for Out Front Media, and Maggie, 23, will graduate in May with her masters in Special Education.

6. When I was younger, I wanted to be… A homemaker. I wanted to major in Home Economics, but it was gone by the time I was studying, so I ended up being a legal secretary. Then I had my kids, and was lucky enough to stay home and do that. And I’m lucky now in my career. I remember when I married my husband I said “if you take care of me for the first twenty years, I’ll take care for you for the next 20.” Of course he still takes care of me (laughs), but I have found a career that I truly love.”

Hostess with the Mostess!

7. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Jane Fonda. Current Jane Fonda. I watched that HBO series on her; I find her interesting because she admits that she made mistakes, but is still someone who keeps plunging on and reinventing and learning… I really admire her. I bet she’s really honest about herself.

8. One thing I cannot live without… Coffee. It’s what I look the most forward to in my day.

9. I’m inspired by… My mom, actually. She’s 87, and she graduated from college in a time when a lot of women didn’t, and she had a business degree and really could have done a lot, but she took on the role of wife and mother and had four kids. But she still works; she works at our church and is truly selfless and hardworking and kind. Those are the qualities that you can’t even learn. They’re just innate to who she is.

10. The one person who motivates me is… My daughters motivate me, with what they do and how hardworking they are: going to school, holding down jobs, finding the time to both exercise and have a good time… they motivate me to do the most with twenty-four hours.

Libby with her daughters Rebecca (26) and Maggie (23)

11. If I could change anything in the world, it would be… This sounds dumb, but I wish every parent could realize that being a parent is the most precious gift we humans can have. How different the world would be if that were truly the case. If every kid was desired, loved, nurtured and felt safe.

12. The perfect day would be… Having my coffee, taking my dog for a run, and being lucky enough to have a job to go to.

13. My first job was… I worked as a hostess Cork n’ Cleaver in high school… it was actually very fun because a lot of my friends worked there too!

14. My favorite escape… Firehole Ranch in Montana, because it is beautiful. It’s on a lake but it’s a fishing lodge and each day you get up and go to a different river or lake. It’s incredibly beautiful. A few years ago Joel and I were like “let’s pick something new to do together” and we ended up learning to fish. To be honest, I am a TERRIBLE fisher. Joel is much better because he has amazing hand-eye coordination. He’s a surgeon, so I was going to loose that one anyway (laughs).

A Fishing Family! Libby tries to keep up with husband Joel

15. Always… Make your bed in the morning. Is there anything worse than coming home to an unmade bed? I’m a realtor – my house has to look okay when I leave (laughs).

16. Never… Forget to call a client back. And if you do, apologize immediately.

17. I’m currently working on… My garden! I’ve been changing it over to the summer garden, and improving the soil. I’ve been switching over to summer vegetables, including squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and artichokes. If it’s light out, I’ll spend an hour doing it. I love gardening because it’s a manageable and rewarding practice; there are specific things you can do to achieve the result you desire, while simultaneously cultivating beauty. It’s sort of magical! I have grape vines on a trellis and I thought for sure that the grape leaves wouldn’t come back because of how cold it was this winter, but then all of a sudden, these lovely little leaves began to magically appear.

Libby’s garden prepares itself for summer

18. My biggest dream… is to be able to work when I am in my 80s, because it just gives you a sense of purpose, to be able to get up, and have somewhere you need to be, and have people depend on you and feel like you’re doing something worthwhile.

19. My perfect home…. Any home in a Nancy Meyers movie: that everything is so uber tasteful, and subtle and comfortable and inviting. A real home, not a showplace. Something you could envision yourself happy in.

19. People can contact me… via my phone at (602) 291-1446 or my social media!

Facebook: @LibbyCohenRealtor
Instagram: @libbycoh