Gary Edlund

Creative Director


Gary is a second-generation Arizona native, who grew up in Arcadia and Paradise Valley. He started his career in marketing as an advertising art director in San Francisco, where he worked on national advertising campaigns for Cisco Systems and a variety of internet startups, none of which were still in business a year later. It wasn’t his fault. It was San Francisco in the year 2000.

Gary went on to work for J. Walter Thompson in Chicago, where he worked on Western Union, Miller Beer, Blockbuster Video (again, not his fault,) Kraft Foods, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Gary left Chicago to develop national brand advertising for Toyota in Los Angeles, before he eventually got homesick and returned to the Valley where he has lived and worked ever since.

Gary came to Walt Danley Realty with a deep well of experience in photography, design and writing. His attention to aesthetics and tireless devotion to the artistic presentation of our properties gives Walt Danley Realty a real edge when it comes to marketing, and ultimately selling your property.