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Luxury Houses For Sale | Holiday Staging

In many parts of the country, luxury houses for sale don’t seem to move this time of year. The weather can be downright frightful, and many people are just too busy with the holidays. But here in the Phoenix area, winter is prime season to put a luxury home on the market. Because our weather is at its peak, many people looking for relief from the cold flock to the Valley…and they are definitely interested in luxury houses for sale here. If you are looking to put your luxury home on the market, we’d like to provide some staging tips to help you make your home even more attractive to [...] read more

Scottsdale luxury properties

Scottsdale Luxury Properties | Formal Dining Rooms

Some of our favorite Scottsdale luxury properties are those with classic formal dining rooms. Maybe it’s because they are reminiscent of days gone by when families spent more time around the table to share a special meal. Today, our busy schedules are more conducive to the grab-and-go style of eating. But, if that is the case, should we find ways to repurpose dining rooms? Or, should we harken back to a simpler time when sitting down together meant something? You may have read articles that suggest that dining rooms are dead. And, while we know that it’s next to impossible in today’s world to slow down, we actually like the [...] read more

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Making Your Custom Home For Sale Stand Out

When you have a custom home for sale in a competitive luxury market, it is essential to make your home stand out from the rest. Your Home’s Appeal We talked earlier this month about how to tell your home’s story through branding. Just like national product lines use distinctive imagery to reach their target markets, you can use a similar strategy when selling your home. Because, when you think about it, your custom home for sale is a product, too; one that needs to have its own unique appeal to your desired market base…the luxury home buyer. Our team at Walt Danley Realty understands this strategy well, especially when selling [...] read more

luxury homes for sale

Luxury Homes For Sale | Paradise Valley Country Club

Helping our clients find luxury homes for sale in Paradise Valley is one of the greatest joys we experience at Walt Danley Realty. We truly love this upscale community because of its beauty and the many amenities that Paradise Valley has to offer. One such feature is the Paradise Valley Country Club. Since 1953, Paradise Valley Country Club (PVCC) has welcomed the most respected and discerning members of the local community. As a traditional, invitation-only club, PVCC offers a comfortable and inviting environment for members and is committed to promoting family and friendship as a premier country club in Arizona. PVCC is beautifully situated among some of the most picturesque [...] read more

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High-End Homes For Sale | An Ideal Day In Scottsdale

If you are looking for high-end homes for sale in Arizona, there is a good chance you will want to look in Scottsdale. With beautiful homes and a multitude of amenities, Scottsdale is the ultimate place to live, work, and play. So, what might your ideal day in Scottsdale look like? Let’s look at some of your options: Shopping Known as the “Beverly Hills of the Southwest”, Scottsdale’s retail opportunities are seemingly endless. In Scottsdale, you can find everything from Prada and Gucci to J. Crew and J.Jill. So whether you fancy the energy of the Southwest’s largest luxury fashion mall, the quaint appeal of an open-air shopping venue, or [...] read more

Camelback Mountain Homes For Sale | Fun Facts

Home buyers in Phoenix are naturally drawn to Camelback Mountain homes for sale. Located in the shadow of the city’s iconic Camelback Mountain, homes in this area offer spectacular views, as well as nearby access to the many features of this vibrant part of town. About Camelback Mountain Camelback Mountain is a well-known landmark that is situated between the Arcadia neighborhood that straddles the Phoenix-Scottsdale border and the town of Paradise Valley. It got its English name from its unique resemblance to the hump and head of a kneeling camel. In the Native American O’odham language, the mountain is known as Cew S-wegiom. History The Hohokam culture is said to [...] read more

Luxury Realtors Join Walt Danley Realty Team

Walt Danley Realty is pleased to announce that luxury Realtors’ Shannon Berkman, Weston Broadrick, and Nancy Kaplan, CRS have joined its team of top selling real estate agents in Arizona. “I am honored to have Nancy, Shannon, and Weston join our family,” said Walt Danley, president of Walt Danley Realty. “These real estate professionals operate with integrity and great knowledge of our metro Phoenix market.” Nancy Kaplan states, “I have a personal and professional relationship with Walt that started many years ago, making this decision a sound one. I am proud to work alongside the best of the best in luxury real estate. This move is as much for my clients as anything else.” [...] read more

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Phoenix Luxury Real Estate at Thanksgiving

Phoenix luxury real estate homes provide the perfect backdrop to host an elegant dinner for family and friends. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we wanted to share some thoughts to help you plan your holiday meal. But, first, we’d like to provide a short history lesson on the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. Certainly, we all know the story of the meal shared between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans who came together to give thanks. But, is that the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving today? Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article that describes how the American Thanksgiving holiday came to be: In 1789, George Washington declared [...] read more

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Private Real Estate For Sale | Your Home’s Story

When marketing private real estate for sale, our approach at Walt Danley Realty is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. We believe that, like a good book, every home has a story to tell and that it’s our job to help you tell your home’s story to prospective home buyers. Chapter One: Your Home’s Brand We are all familiar with corporate and product branding. From soda to computers and even athletic shoes, there is no denying that certain marketers know how to reach their audience. With private real estate for sale, our team at Walt Danley Realty can do the same. Since every home has its own unique characteristics, it also has [...] read more

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Exclusive Homes | Real Estate Serenity

Exclusive homes in and around Paradise Valley offer residents the peace and serenity they desire from a home in the desert Southwest. Just imagine gazing from your home at the vistas of rugged mountain terrain and dramatic watercolor-washed skies that fade into the horizon. But there is also something to be said for creating spaces inside your home that inspire inner quiet and tranquility. A zen place, if you will. Retreat For Relaxation Designing a calming retreat in your home always begins with a clean, fresh canvas. Starting from scratch with a bare room can help you gradually envision both the look and the feel of your quiet place. Choosing [...] read more