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Paradise Valley Luxury Estate Must-Haves

At Walt Danley Realty, we’re always searching the market to find the ideal luxury estate in Paradise Valley to suit one of our clients. While everyone has different needs and tastes, here are some of the must-haves that appeal to many of our clients: Infrared Sauna There are a number of spas in Paradise Valley, but wouldn’t it be more convenient to have your own fountain of youth right in the house? An infrared sauna is a superb way to relax while you’re improving your health. An infrared sauna is much more comfortable than a traditional sauna because the infrared lights heat you, not the environment. Infrared lights penetrate human [...] read more

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Paradise Valley Luxury Home | Solar Power

If you own a Paradise Valley luxury home, you may be wondering about the benefits of going solar. Based on the latest statistics, it appears that installing a solar energy system can make good financial and environmental sense.  If you’re considering going solar, here are some things that may help you with your decision: Installation costs are at an all-time low According to Bloomberg, in 1977 the price per watt for solar installation was more than $76.  By 2015, the price had fallen to just $0.57 per watt. Government subsidies won’t last forever You can reduce the cost of installing solar power by 30% with a federal renewable tax credit [...] read more

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Living In Paradise Valley AZ | Favorite Hikes

Accessibility to several trails and mountains is just one of the many perks of living in Paradise Valley AZ. Our area is known for outdoor exercise and spectacular views for those who love to get their hike on. Here are just a few suggestions you might like to try: Hiking Camelback Camelback Mountain is probably the most recognized feature in the Valley and offers trails for everyone from beginners to experts. It’s located just southwest of the city and offers trails for everyone from beginners to experts. If you don’t have much time or just want an easy hike in beautiful surroundings, try Bobby’s Rock or the Ramada Loop Trail. [...] read more

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Paradise Valley Estates | Home Theaters

Many owners of Paradise Valley estates enjoy the luxury of having a home theater right where they live. They are perfect for family and friends to gather to watch their favorite movies and munch on their favorite snacks. For home buyers looking at Paradise Valley estates, built-in home theaters are also one of the top features on their must-have lists. But even if you find your dream home and it currently lacks a home theater, there is always the opportunity to include one when you move in. New Construction Or Renovation As a home buyer, the approach you take may be different depending on whether you’re building a custom home [...] read more

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Scottsdale Real Estate Trends | Cool Family Fun

As a client of Walt Danley Realty, you never need to worry about Scottsdale real estate trends. We keep a close eye on the market for you–whether you’re buying or selling–and can help you make decisions accordingly. This leaves you time to enjoy some family time this summer. If you’re looking for some stay-cool things you and the kids can enjoy, here are a few ideas to check out. Ice Skating Indoor winter sports are a great way to stay cool. The Ice Den skating rink in Scottsdale offers a variety of activities for you and your children to enjoy over the summer. You can rent skates and participate in [...] read more

AZCentral | What $2.2 million can buy you in metro Phoenix

According to Christie’s International Real Estate‘s annual 2016 Luxury Defined white paper, the starting benchmark for a luxury home around the world varies considerably, and has shifted significantly in recent years thanks to exchange-rate movements. The average starting price for a luxury property worldwide is $2.2 million. So, what exactly constitutes “luxury” here in our backyard? According to’s recent article, this is what $2.2 million can buy you in metro Phoenix. Some beautiful options, if we do say so ourselves! read more

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Paradise Valley AZ Homes | Aquarium Chic

Owners of Paradise Valley AZ homes are always looking for interior design ideas that are unique. Many owners are finding that a home aquarium is an idea that fits that definition. Aquariums promote relaxation and act as an interactive piece of décor. In fact, aquariums can rival fine works of art in terms of a “wow factor” in any home. Built-In Saltwater Aquariums are Most Popular For Paradise Valley AZ homes, saltwater aquariums have a great deal of appeal. Saltwater tanks typically hold brightly colored coral as stationery elements, and saltwater fish are always more colorful than freshwater fish. The strong, bold colors compliment the muted earth tones that are so popular in [...] read more

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Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate | Closets Redefined

One amenity you’ll typically find when you look at Scottsdale luxury real estate is an oversized, walk-in closet in the master bedroom. But if you have an abundance of clothing and accessories, you may want to consider how to redesign the space so that it works best for your needs. Here are some design ideas that you may want to incorporate into your new closet: Add An Island Islands are mainstays in any gourmet kitchen, but they can also be a useful feature in a luxury closet. You can design the base of the island as a dresser and utilize the counter top for planning an outfit and coordinating your accessories. You’ll [...] read more

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Tips For Buying Estates In Paradise Valley

When you’re viewing estates in Paradise Valley, there are several things to keep in mind as you shop for your perfect luxury home. Armed with these tips, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your luxury home shopping experience. Not All Luxury is Created Equal In scouting your top picks for estates in Paradise Valley, it may be tempting to zoom in on those features that epitomize the height of current luxury fashion trends. These can include the latest high-end appliances and flashy amenities like a whirlpool bathtub or Zen garden. But as this Forbes article urges, you’re better off focusing on the important marks of quality — those aspects that [...] read more

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Paradise Valley Real Estate Agents | Marketing Your Home

As the luxury home experts among Paradise Valley real estate agents, we at Walt Danley Realty have been continuously refining our strategy for marketing luxury homes since Walt started selling real estate in 1977. We combine cutting-edge technology with traditional marketing techniques, all supported by our extensive network that keeps us in touch with the many private real estate transactions in our luxury market. Collateral Development We understand how important it is to present your home as a highly sought-after property. Our professional photographers are experts at arranging photo angles and lighting to create photos that tell the story of your home.  We make sure that every corner of your home and property [...] read more