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luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale

Luxury Homes For Sale In Scottsdale | Outdoor Living

Luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale can fulfill your every desire when it comes to finding your ideal home. Whether you’re looking for a classic Spanish Colonial or an eclectically designed Contemporary, luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale offer a wide variety of options from which to choose. For home buyers who want the added benefit of outdoor living space, there are several amenity options that can be incorporated into your luxury home property. Here are a few examples of ways to enjoy the upscale lifestyle that luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale can provide. Quintessential Scottsdale Living Naturally, one of the perks of living in Scottsdale is the year-round [...] read more

Paradise Valley homes for sale

Paradise Valley Homes For Sale | Architecture

Choices in architectural home styles in Paradise Valley are as varied as the number of Paradise Valley homes for sale. Whatever your taste, whatever your preference, there is a home in this quaint, upscale community that is bound to suit you. Here are just a few of the architectural styles that you will find in Paradise Valley: Mediterranean Influenced by the countries that surround the Mediterranean region of the world, this architectural style reflects the images found in places such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Characteristics of Mediterranean homes include red tile roofs, arches, and stucco finishes. Additional features may include terraces, courtyards, balconies, porticos, and ornamental details such as [...] read more

Phoenix homes for sale

Phoenix Homes For Sale | Arcadia

Phoenix homes for sale in the established neighborhood of Arcadia have always been desirable among luxury home buyers. With a mix of vintage residences and newer construction, Arcadia offers some of the most beautiful and diverse Phoenix homes for sale in the city. Arcadia’s Beginning Deeply rooted in agriculture, the Arcadia neighborhood was once comprised of citrus orchards. In the early 1920s, just a decade after Arizona’s statehood, the land just south of Camelback Mountain went up for sale at 35 cents an acre. When the Salt River Valley Reclamation Project was implemented, rural home sites became a practical alternative for land use. Wealthy landowners began building their homes, and [...] read more

homes in paradise valley

Homes In Paradise Valley | Goldwater Memorial

Homes in Paradise Valley are among the most spectacular in all of Arizona. With the natural desert beauty that surrounds them, it is no wonder that celebrities, artists, musicians, professional athletes, and business moguls make Paradise Valley their home. Well-known government officials have also found Paradise Valley the ideal place to live. Current residents from this cohort include retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle. One of the most famous Paradise Valley residents from the political realm is none other than Arizona’s own former U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. While Sen. Goldwater is not longer with us, his legacy as a straight talking, no [...] read more

Scottsdale luxury homes

Scottsdale Luxury Homes | Holiday Events

Celebrating the holidays is a time-honored tradition for many residents of Scottsdale luxury homes. Chances are, if you’ve gotten a head start with seasonal merriment, you may have already enjoyed the popular Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo or the Las Noches de Las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden. But did you know there are other holiday happenings right here in Scottsdale? Here is a list of some of the upcoming festivities that you won’t want to miss: Scottsdazzle From now until January 1, 2017, Scottsdazzle comes to town with a month-long celebration of holiday magic. Scottsdazzle brings the joy of the season of lively holiday events at various locations [...] read more

luxury homes for sale

“Lock & Leave” Luxury Homes For Sale

Luxury homes for sale in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix offer an abundance of lifestyle options for home buyers. For today’s baby boomers in particular, one of the biggest appeals is having a low-maintenance home that is easy to leave for a time when the travel bug bites. Known as the lock & leave lifestyle, this way of life is becoming more desirable for luxury home buyers in the Valley. And for good reason. Affluent residents love to see the world, but they also appreciate everything that our area has to offer—including homes that don’t require a lot of upkeep. Natural Luxury One of the biggest features that make the [...] read more

estate for sale

Listing Real Estate For Sale This Winter

Winter is almost here, and there couldn’t be a better time to list your luxury real estate for sale in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Why Winter? Unlike other parts of the country, our weather is optimal this time of year. The skies are as blue as can be and average temperature highs hover around 70°F. What a perfect backdrop to sell your luxury home. And, of course, many people come to Paradise Valley and Scottsdale this time of year because they enjoy our beautiful climate and scenery. It is easy to fall in love with our area while on vacation. That is often the trigger for many snowbirds to become permanent [...] read more

luxury houses for sale

Luxury Houses For Sale | Holiday Staging

In many parts of the country, luxury houses for sale don’t seem to move this time of year. The weather can be downright frightful, and many people are just too busy with the holidays. But here in the Phoenix area, winter is prime season to put a luxury home on the market. Because our weather is at its peak, many people looking for relief from the cold flock to the Valley…and they are definitely interested in luxury houses for sale here. If you are looking to put your luxury home on the market, we’d like to provide some staging tips to help you make your home even more attractive to [...] read more

Scottsdale luxury properties

Scottsdale Luxury Properties | Formal Dining Rooms

Some of our favorite Scottsdale luxury properties are those with classic formal dining rooms. Maybe it’s because they are reminiscent of days gone by when families spent more time around the table to share a special meal. Today, our busy schedules are more conducive to the grab-and-go style of eating. But, if that is the case, should we find ways to repurpose dining rooms? Or, should we harken back to a simpler time when sitting down together meant something? You may have read articles that suggest that dining rooms are dead. And, while we know that it’s next to impossible in today’s world to slow down, we actually like the [...] read more

custom home for sale

Making Your Custom Home For Sale Stand Out

When you have a custom home for sale in a competitive luxury market, it is essential to make your home stand out from the rest. Your Home’s Appeal We talked earlier this month about how to tell your home’s story through branding. Just like national product lines use distinctive imagery to reach their target markets, you can use a similar strategy when selling your home. Because, when you think about it, your custom home for sale is a product, too; one that needs to have its own unique appeal to your desired market base…the luxury home buyer. Our team at Walt Danley Realty understands this strategy well, especially when selling [...] read more