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Why You Should List Your Luxury Home In The MLS

I have been meaning to write about pocket listings in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, and felt inspired after reading an article about a brokerage trying to prevent its agents from using pocket listings for their luxury home. Generally speaking, pocket listings are properties for sale that are not in MLS, and brokerages (mine included) prefer to put homes in the MLS for a variety of reasons. When I started writing about pocket listings I thought I’d share some of the (often very good) reasons why people have asked me to pocket list their property. Keep in mind though, pocket listings aren’t right for everyone, and there are a lot of [...] read more

From Rubble To Bubble? Real Estate’s Recent Price Jumps

With the Suns and the Coyotes enjoying time off and the Dbacks just getting started, cocktail party chatter has invariably wandered back to real estate and these remarkable price increases over the past year.  Although my firm focuses on the luxury market, we keep a watchful eye on the regional and national trends, too.  Are we headed to a new bubble?  The headline-grabbing 30-plus percent increases certainly feel like it, but I’m not worried about a bubble. Keep in mind that few people even care about a bubble until it pops and everyone stops making money.  What matters is: are these price increases unsustainable and likely to lead to a [...] read more

Luxury Horse Properties In Arizona

The ponies are on everyone’s mind with the Kentucky Derby just a few days away, and CNBC is reporting that buyers are seeking new homes for themselves–and their horses.  In some markets, they estimate prices to be up 20 to 50 percent year over year.  While that’s a bit of a stretch for our market, as the economy and housing rebalance we are seeing more interest in homes with equestrian facilities. Here are three remarkable equestrian estates in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, so you can enjoy your horses year-round: The first is an incredible home at the foot of iconic Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley.  The home is among [...] read more

WSJ House of the Day: Home With A Private Observatory

No, we haven’t started marketing properties to other solar systems–that is the view from one of our latest listings – currently featured as the Wall Street Journal’s House of the Day!  This one is especially unique: in addition to having a private observatory (where this image of the Andromeda Galaxy was made), a tunnel connects the home to the garage, and it is located on over 80 pristine high-desert acres.  While Prescott is a few miles outside our territory, we’re always on the lookout for Arizona’s Finest Properties and are happy to be co-marketing it with Kathleen Yamauchi, an agent local to Prescott. Click here for more including the full write-up [...] read more

Arizona 5 Arts Circle Honors Sandra Day O’Connor

Walt Danley Realty was the featured corporate partner at the Arizona 5 Arts Circle (5 Arts) event on April 22, which honored the first woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Justice O’Connor spoke about a variety of current issues including immigration, the willingness of the Supreme Court to address contemporary social and economic issues, and the future of the Court, as well as signed her recently released book, Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court.   “It was an honor to support an event that offered guests Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s first-hand insight into our history – she truly [...] read more

Senator McCain’s Former Home for Sale

The newest home owners of the Senator John McCain’s former house have put this beautiful home back on the market, this time for $2.9 million. This house has some history between its four walls. Right before Senator McCain entered the presidential race, he owned this home along with eight others in his real estate empire. His family spent 20 years in this house, and then sold the home in 2006 for $3.2 million dollars. Once offered on short-sale, the latest owners bought the house for $1.8 million dollars. It is now back on the market, and has undergone some updates to make this home even more valuable. read more

Luxury Homes Sales on the Rise – AZCentral

During the crash, there was an oversupply of high-end homes over $500,000. Housing analysts were concerned that it would take a decade for the luxury market to recover. At the beginning of April, there were 2,267 houses listed at $500,000 or more on the market – which is a 3% increase from March, according to our latest market stats report. Fortunately, the housing market is recovering faster than expected, but not nearly as fast as the affordable end of the the market. In the coming months, it is predicted the luxury housing market will continue to rise, and we will all be back before the hit in no time. read more

“Modern Family” Shows How To Use And Not Use Social Media For Real Estate

I finally caught up with the latest episode of ABC’s Modern Family.  Phil Dunphy plays a Southern California real estate agent, and over the past few episodes his wife and brother-in-law have been working on flipping a house.  There have been a few great real estate laughs, but this episode was pure gold in the way they used social media to find out about a potential buyer (and proceed to know too much for their own good).  Highly recommended — just not at work because your coworkers will wonder why you’re laughing so hard The episode is available for free on Hulu. read more

I’m a member of Scottsdale Business + Life Magazine’s Advisory Board

  Recently I was invited to be on the advisory board of Scottsdale’s Business And Life Magazine.  I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with a publication written by and for people who live in, work in, or visit beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. During one of our spring Open House events, David Eichler, a reporter with the magazine stopped by and then a few days later — BAM!  Famous. read more

Whitepaper: The Emotional Role Of The (Luxury) Home

This in-depth study was recently published by Luxury Portfolio International and research firm Harrison Group.  It finds the “Emergence of Worth” and “The Home As Refuge” as two of the biggest changes in the luxury market since the recession.  It also covers topics like increased liquidity leading to increased demand, the 1-percenters driving second and third home ownership, and looking ahead to marketing to the next generation (Xers and Millenials) of home buyers. I will personally email you a copy of the report within 24 hours once you fill out the form below. read more