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Peek Inside Iconic Phoenix Towers

Take an exclusive peek inside this breathtaking mid-century modern home in the iconic Phoenix Towers. Rich in history, the Phoenix Towers were designed by Ralph C. Harris and built by Del E. Webb in the ‘modern movement-style’ in 1957. The towers were notably listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. Many condominiums have since been remodeled to reflect the original 1950’s era grandeur; with one being this chic six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 5,000 square foot abode on the market for $1,250,000. This exquisite condominium home was completely remodeled and expanded in 2015. The private home of a renowned interior designer, Matthew Boland, showcases painstaking care was given to every [...] read more


5 Flooring Trends to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Home in 2018

If you’re in the market for a new home this year, you know it’s not an easy task to find the perfect house. One major concern we see clients face when home shopping is determining whether they want to keep the original flooring or replace it with something else. It’s a tough choice to make. We’re here to make the decision a little easier by discussing favorite flooring trends we’ve seen recently – and what we think will be hot in 2018. read more


An Out-of-Towner’s Guide on What to See and Do in Scottsdale

Last year, Scottsdale, Arizona saw around  8.8 million visitors. With the mild winter temperatures, people are drawn to the city for its plentiful sunshine and things to do. From challenging hikes and ATV rides through the desert to famous golf tournaments and a luxurious shopping scene, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Scottsdale. read more

tranquil home

5 Simple Ways to Bring Tranquility into Your Home

Start fresh this New Year by transforming parts of your luxury home into a spa-like sanctuary. Having a clearer space creates freedom from chores and distractions, encourages rest, and brings peacefulness into your space. Whether you’re planning to renovate or rejuvenate, here are a few simple ways you can create a more tranquil home. read more

dinner party

How to Plan an Elegant Holiday Dinner Party

It’s finally your turn to host the elegant holiday dinner party that your friends have been eagerly waiting for for months. But before you dive in, make sure you’re well-prepared. The Realtors at Walt Danley are here to help guide you through an effortless gathering this holiday season, guaranteed to leave your guests with a lasting impression. read more

Gardening in Phoenix

Winter Gardening in Phoenix: What You Should Know Before You Start

Adding a new garden to your home can be an expensive and time-consuming operation. The good news is that it could pay off! Attractive landscaping can boost the desirability of a luxury home, according to the Realtors at Walt Danley; as long as plantings look appealing and require relatively low maintenance. If you’re thinking about installing a new garden in your yard this season, here are some tips to get you started. read more

holiday decor

Should I Include Holiday Décor When Staging My Home?

Should I take down my holiday decorations if I’m trying to sell my home? At Walt Danley Realty, we get asked this question a lot. As we approach the holiday season, more clients reach out to us to inquire if wreaths or menorahs will affect their home’s appeal. While seasonal décor might not make a difference to some buyers, it could be a huge turn off to others. We’ll explain why. read more

Sell Your Arizona Home

4 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Arizona Home

Convinced that spring is the best time to sell your home? Think again. According to a national study, homes listed in winter have a 9% greater likelihood of selling, and sell one week faster on average for 1.2 percent more (relative to list price) than homes listed in any other season. In fact, during the winter months, Phoenix tops the charts for selling a home within six months of the listing date. read more

Large Home

5 Ways to Bring Your Family Together in a Large Home

If you own a luxury home, you know it’s almost impossible to get everyone together in the same room at one time. From dad working on his computer in the home office to the kids playing video games in the entertainment room downstairs, everyone is busy doing their own thing – especially on weeknights. If you’re determined to spend a little more quality time with your family, here are five activities you can arrange to encourage everyone’s involvement. read more

Luxury Homes

7 Desirable Outdoor Water Features for Luxury Homes

For luxury homeowners, backyard design is just as important as indoor design. Phoenix residents spend a lot of time outdoors, especially near water. Because the area is so warm, water features such as pools, waterfalls, and fountains are at the top of many local homebuyers’ “must have” lists. read more