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Adding The Masculine Touch To A Luxury Home

They often say that a home needs a woman’s touch. But where does that leave a man? Isn’t it reasonable for a man to have some say, too? After all, a home should provide comfort for all who reside within. With this in mind, we’d like to take some time to flip things around a bit and address the need for a masculine touch when it comes to luxury home design. More Than A Man Cave Let’s face it…a man cave is a great idea. Men need a place to call their own where they can be, well, men. Throw in a pool table, a gigantic flat screen TV, and [...] read more

Coloring Your World Through Home Décor

Greens, yellows, blues, oranges, and even purples and pinks are the current “It Colors” for 2017 home décor. While classic white and neutrals are still popular, many interior designers suggest adding interesting color accents to incite certain moods throughout your living spaces. In our experience at Walt Danley Realty, we agree that choosing particular colors for your home décor is critical when setting the overall tone of your home. In our business, first impressions are imperative. We walk through many homes and have seen for ourselves how colors affect our moods and those of potential buyers. As a homeowner, whether you are selling your home and want to appeal to [...] read more

Bringing Luxury To Your “Dog” House

Our canine companions are more than just pets — they’re part of the family. However, we know you don’t want your home looking like the local kennel. Our Walt Danley team of home professionals have come together to offer some great ideas for creating a stylish, yet dog-friendly luxury home. Safety First Whether you’re bringing home a new (and curious) puppy or moving with your dog into a new home, creating a safe haven for your pet is essential. Opt for under-the-counter trash solutions to keep pups away from the temptation of digging into leftovers that can make them sick or cause injuries. This type of kitchen solution serves a [...] read more

Preparing Your Home For The Summer Heat

It’s no secret that our Arizona temperatures soar in the summer, often reaching highs of 100° and warmer. Spring and fall bring some respite, but average highs can sometimes climb into the 80s. To help keep your home cool, our luxury home experts at Walt Danley have organized a few simple tips to help prepare your home for the warmest days of the year. Rely on Programmable and Learning Thermostats You could just crank up the air conditioning, but it raises your electric costs and energy consumption. A programmable or learning thermostat offer higher energy efficiency when cooling a home, even in the high heat of Arizona. Your smart thermostat [...] read more

Creating A Teen-Friendly Space In Your Luxury Home

What if your home could be the place where your teenagers and their friends want to hang out? No more worrying about what they’re doing or where they may be on a Saturday night. Your home can be teenager-friendly and our home living experts at Walt Danley have tips for how to make this a reality. Designated Space There has to a designated “teen” space in the home for your sanity and their privacy. Privacy doesn’t mean closed doors or a no-parent zone. It simply means a room or area where the teens and their friends don’t feel as if they’re being monitored every minute. Consider creating a hangout place [...] read more

Juxtaposing Luxury With Farmhouse Décor

Juxtaposed interiors offer designers and home owners the opportunity to take two distinctive styles and combine them into one cohesive, high-end look. At Walt Danley we see many stunning homes that successfully incorporate complementary contrasting designs, from combining modern elements within a historic home to the opposite of adding vintage materials and finishes to a new construction. However, one of the most popular interior design juxtapositions of today is the luxury home with farmhouse-style décor. Must-Have Elements for Farmhouse Decor Farmhouse décor has evolved significantly beyond quaint gingham curtains and a sturdy pine table with straight-back chairs. Elements that work to create today’s distinctive farmhouse look include light colors, the [...] read more

Cool Off With An Outdoor Misting System

Walt Danley real estate professionals can help you find the perfect home in Arizona, complete with luxury swimming pool to help beat the even the summer’s hottest days. However, we know that sometimes it’s nice to have something in addition to the pool to help stay cool and take advantage of your outdoor living space. An outdoor misting system can provide the solution and offers several benefits to homeowners. Reduces Outdoor Heat A misting system installed for use on the patio or sun deck sprays ultra-fine droplets of water into the area of that particular space. This type of evaporative cooling sometimes is used in greenhouses to reduce heat, but [...] read more

Photo Gallery: VIP Event at The Villas at Baker Park

We had a packed house at The Villas at Baker Park VIP grand opening event, with a few hundred friends and neighbors joining us to celebrate. Check out our photo gallery from the event! The evening in the park served food from neighborhood favorites The Vig, Postino, act 1 and La Grande Orange, as well as live music by popular local band, Raun Alosi. What was the grand occasion? The Villas at Baker Park model homes of course. The model homes beautifully designed by Nora Johnson of Est Est. Inc. were unveiled, offering the first look at three of the community’s floor plans including the Phoenix Pecan, Arcadia Elm, and Arizona Oak. If [...] read more

Must Haves For Your Home Office

The ideal home office effortlessly combines functionality with style that never detracts from the rest of the home. At Walt Danley Realty, we know you want your work space to look as stunning as the rest of your home. And, no matter what kind of work you do, there are certain items that you won’t want to do without in your home office. Here are a few things you will want to consider: Standing/Adjustable Height Desk Even if your home office furniture includes a traditional executive-style desk, you can add an adjustable desktop standing desk to make it easy to switch from sitting to standing when spending any amount of [...] read more

Connect With Agent Karen Pratte

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In the case of Karen Pratte, however, you can definitely say that both the what and the who apply to her. Karen started her career with Walt Danley Realty eight years ago. She had been working in the non-profit sector and decided it was time to make a change in her career. Karen credits Walt Danley for giving her the opportunity to become a real estate agent in the luxury home industy. “Walt Danley was the reason that I got into the luxury home business,” says Karen. “I have known Walt for over 30 years. He [...] read more