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Cooking Up The Idea Of A Personal Chef

Cooking flavorful, healthy meals every day is a great ambition. However, the reality of daily meal prep and execution can have its drawbacks. Cooking is so much more than just getting a meal to the table. It involves planning, preparation, and time. If you’re on-the-go like so many of us are, making time for a home cooked meal isn’t always doable. At Walt Danley Realty, we understand that. Our professionals know your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re sharing some of the top benefits for hiring a personal chef. Time Saver Life is busy! From families with two working parents and kids participating in a variety of activities to [...] read more

Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

The luxury home market has continued to trend slightly upward for more than the last six months, according to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM). When looking to buy luxury real estate, it’s essential to work with professionals. For forty years, Walt Danley Realty has been recognized as one of the most successful luxury real estate firms in Arizona and the nation. Our experienced team of agents have the top tips you need for purchasing a luxury home for a residence or investment property. Always Work With a Local Expert A local expert, in particular an agent specializing in luxury properties, is essential. Local real estate professionals know the [...] read more

Home Automation Systems | The New Must-Haves

There has never been another time in history where we’ve been this close to living in the “home of the future” or a residence that boasts several features that feel like they’re from the Jetsons’ house. Today’s technological advances have made it easy to integrate home automation systems into almost any property. Our Walt Danley Realty team have an insider’s look to why now is the time to consider home automation. Adds To Your Home’s Value From security systems to thermostats, wireless locks, lighting control, digitally-controlled smart spa showers, and motorized window treatments, home automation adds value to the luxury home. Not only does it make your life easier while [...] read more

Revving Up Your Investment Portfolio

Cars offer more than transport from point A to point B. From the exotic to the classic, the right car(s) can be the ideal addition to your investment portfolio. While our professionals at Walt Danley Realty have the connections you want when finding that perfect luxury home, we also have a few important tips when you’re ready to include a classic car collection to your investment portfolio. Begin with the Right Car When beginning to build a classic car collection, decide if you’re looking for cars to show, drive, or both. Will you stick to collecting only Porsche or Ferrari? Maybe it’s Jaguar that catches your eye and holds your [...] read more

The Benefits Of Paying Cash For Your Home

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), current statistics show that investors and international buyers account for almost 60-percent of all residential real estate cash sales. Forty-five percent of second-time home buyers are opting to purchase homes with cash as well, compared to only 6-percent of first-time home buyers. Are there benefits to buying a home with cash versus financing? Absolutely. Cash Streamlines Home Buying Process The home buying process can be lengthy and full of additional expenses beyond the price of the home. Paying cash for your luxury home can actually streamline the process and save you money. A cash purchase means no money out to pay for [...] read more

Comparing Smart Speakers For Your Luxury Home

Although two years apart in age, the Google Home with Google Assistant and the Amazon Echo featuring Alexa, easily stand side-by-side for comparison. Both are smart speakers that boast the latest in smart tech, designed to enhance your lifestyle while providing both practical and entertainment value. Voice Commands Both the Google Home and Amazon Echo continual listen and accept voice commands. Wake up the Google Home with: Hey Google Okay Google Wake the Amazon Echo with: Alexa Amazon Echo Both smart speakers can listen and respond when a room has low to moderate background noise. However, both may struggle to understand voice commands if the room is particularly noisy, especially [...] read more

What Type Of Flooring Fits Your Style?

Flooring trends seem to ebb and flow like any other home design feature. But when selecting high-quality flooring for your luxury home, you have some options. Here are a few choices that stand out: Classic Hardwood Floors Classic hardwood flooring in oak, maple, hickory, and cherry never truly goes out of style.  Hardwoods can be both traditional and trendy as they go with a variety of decor choices. A solid hardwood floor features planks that typically are about 3/4-inch thick and ideal for refinishing at a later date as needed. This makes them a popular choice when restoring an older or historic home. With a premium finish, this classic style [...] read more

You’re Invited! The Villas at Baker Park Community Barbecue

You’re invited! Please join us at The Villas at Baker Park Community Barbecue this Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Complimentary food will be provided by The Arizona Barbecue Company, and the Joyful Delights Food Truck will be serving up old-fashioned ice cream. Live music will be performed by longtime Valley favorite, The Raun Alosi Band, featuring high-energy variety tunes. Guests can play bocce ball and corn hole in the community park anchored by a 75-year-old Silk Floss tree at the centerpoint of The Villas at Baker Park. The Villas at Baker Park, an exclusive community in the heart of Arcadia, will be unveiling its model homes [...] read more

Living Among The Springtime Wildflowers

Springtime in the Valley of the Sun is known for many things including idyllic temperatures and Cactus League baseball. But, in our opinion, the true beauty of this time of year comes from the vibrant colors of the desert blooms that emerge from the rugged terrain of our local landscape. These colors paint an especially beautiful backdrop for those looking for luxury homes in our area. To give you a true appreciation for the colors that grace our backyards in the spring, here is a guide to some of the most impressive wildflowers, many of which you’ll find in the Valley through April and sometimes into May: Brittlebush: Commonly visible [...] read more

Karen Ganz Brings The Art Of The Sale To Life

Ask any artist and they will tell you that creating a work of art is as much about instinct as it is about vision and flair. When your artistic passion comes from the heart, your innermost expressions come alive. And so it is with the buying and selling of luxury real estate. When a real estate agent uses imaginative insight and an incomparable sense of business savvy, their ability to create a successful real estate transaction seems as effortless as a stoke of a paintbrush. At Walt Danley Realty, we are blessed with the truly creative gifts of Karen Ganz. With a background in fine arts and a penchant for [...] read more