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Embracing Boutique Style

A luxury home should reflect your individuality and lifestyle. Throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Paradise Valley, you’ll find homes of all designs and with décor styles as diverse as our southwest region. The popular boutique living style of décor reflects an easy way of life, one that’s rich with beauty and vibrancy. It’s a style that inspires while adding a chic touch to any room. Elements of Boutique Living Inviting and fresh are two keys of focus when creating the boutique living style throughout your home. To bring elements of boutique living into your home, begin by imagining the luxurious and comfortable feel of a well-appointed guest room or bed-and-breakfast [...] read more

Scottsdale & Other Intriguing Vacation Destinations

When the world is your oyster, there is nothing like discovering a new and exciting vacation destination. From the exotic to the quixotic, there are travel spots around the globe that are yours for the taking. And while the allure of choosing a random, unexplored locale may be appealing, it is also helpful to have some insight into some of the best places to vacation on the planet. With that in mind, here are six intriguing suggestions worth considering: 1. Vis, Croatia Hidden amidst the Adriatic Sea, this gem of an island is known as “the Mediterranean that once was”. Filled with historical landmarks and some of the worlds’ most [...] read more

5 Common Home Inspection Issues

Homebuyers have an array of options when considering a luxury home in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley areas. Our professionals at Walt Danley Realty can help you find the unique home you want and need. However, as you begin the buying process, it’s essential to understand the top five common issues that can arise with a home inspection. 1. Electrical Home inspections always include a close look at the electrical. While the average luxury home features up-to-date electrical wiring, it’s important to make sure all outlets, switches, dimmers, and GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) work properly. 2. HVAC An inefficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system or one [...] read more

Upscale Amenities To Complete Your Luxury Home

If you are in the market for a luxury home, there is no doubt you want to find a place that reflects your exquisite taste and desire for opulent functionality. Whether looking for a primary residence or a vacation getaway, you’ll definitely be interested in some of the following upscale amenities that complete any luxury home: 1. What’s Hot in the Kitchen Spacious kitchens with large central islands and commercial grade appliances are perfect for family dining preparation or entertaining guests. Features such as warming drawers, a built-in buffet, and an open bar area are also in high demand. Of course, a must-have feature for luxurious kitchens is a climate [...] read more

A Home Office To Fit Your Lifestyle

One of the greatest luxuries of today is the freedom to work from almost anywhere at all. With mobile phones, portable laptops, and easily accessible wifi, may of us are afforded the flexibility to work on our own schedules, when it best fits into our own personal schedules. With this modern-day trend, it has become imperative to have places in our homes that support this fluid way of working. When designing a home work place, we naturally think of incorporating a designated home office. And, while it goes without saying that functionality is key, you also want to make sure that your home office is equally comfortable and attractive. For [...] read more

Modern Minimalism Design For Luxury Homes

Modern minimalism is never stark or cold, especially when it’s found in the luxury home market of Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. Modern minimalism is sleekly elegant and an eye-catching design for any upscale home. Uncluttered with Clear Sight Lines A modern minimalist approach to décor and design in a luxury home allows more focus on the space and flow of each room as well as a look outward with window expanses that offer panoramic views of the southwest landscape. Ample natural light that streams into the room keeps any starkness at bay, effortlessly adding a welcoming warmth. Pangaea Interior Design, a contributor to Houzz states, “The theory of less [...] read more

Must-Haves For Kids In A Luxury Home

As families know, moving into a new home brings about a few stresses, especially with kids reluctant to move from what’s familiar. At Walt Danley Realty, we work with families like yours every day. And we know that it is possible to find your dream home, the one that has something special for everyone, even the youngest family members. We’ve put together just a few of the must-haves kids want in a luxury home. Designated Kid Space Their own bedroom typically rides high on a kid’s list for a new home, but it’s the addition of a designated kid space that’s really wanted (and needed). This may be an extra [...] read more

Meet Luxury Real Estate Specialist Christy Dean

Christy Dean knows a lot about luxury real estate. As one of the Valley’s premiere luxury real estate agents, she has sold more than $300 million in residential real estate throughout her career. After graduating from the University of Arizona and working in the high-end retail leasing business in Newport Beach, California, Christy turned to residential real estate. She got her start in this niche in the San Francisco Bay Area where the market is always booming and so are the housing prices. “There is no way not to sell luxury real estate” in the Bay Area, Christy says, regardless of the size of the house. “My first sale was [...] read more

Marketing A One-Of-A-Kind Luxury Home

The luxury market in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale offers a variety of unique homes for sale. Far from any tract home, the choices here are as diverse and intriguing as the beautiful landscape surrounding them. There is no question that, when looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury home, your options are plentiful. Naturally, this is great news for the homebuyer. But what if you are trying to sell a luxury home? How can you make your exclusive home stand out in a field of so many amazing homes for sale? And how can you determine the value of a property when comps are not easily identifiable? The short answer, of [...] read more

Scottsdale & Auckland | The Best Of Two Worlds

Scottsdale is known as a luxury destination for jet setters the world over. For those who love the warmth of the sun and the natural splendor of the desert landscape, this affluent Arizona community offers everything and more for a marvelous holiday. From world-class shopping and dining to year-round outdoor recreation, this vibrant locale rivals anywhere else on the planet. But more than just a vacation spot, Scottsdale is a place that many globetrotters also call home…or, for some, a home away from home. In fact, Scottsdale is among the most sought-after communities in Arizona’s luxury market for primary residences and second homes. If you’re looking in Arizona, this is [...] read more