Decorating Your Home for Special Occasions


Planning an event for a special occasion requires a lot of multitasking and attention to detail. Whether you are hosting a birthday soiree or a cocktail party, there are a few interior design tips that are nearly always appropriate and can add an air of sophisticated celebration to your luxury home.

Let Your Theme Be Your Guide

A clear theme is necessary for cohesive design. While the theme can be the reason for the gathering, you may want to consider simplifying it to a few colors or design elements instead. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore the occasion behind the party though.

For example, if you are hosting a graduation party, forego the graduation themed plates and banners in favor of decorations inspired by school colors. Just be careful not to go too far. A design with flowers, linens, and lights all in the same shade of blue may be cohesive, but it’s just not that interesting. This can run the risk of feeling trite and, depending on the colors, may actually end up being overwhelming.

Light Up the Night

If you are planning a daytime celebration, the beautiful Arizona sunshine may be all the lighting you need. For events in the evening hours, however, you can set the perfect tone for your special occasion with the right atmospheric lighting.

Low light tends to convey a feeling of quiet relaxation. If you are hosting an evening cocktail party, strings of fairy lights – both inside and outside – can transform your home into a magical wonderland.

Bright, colorful lighting, on the other hand, creates a jovial atmosphere perfect for a birthday party.

Colorful lenses over pool lights and vibrant illuminated balloons lend a lighthearted mood to outdoor living spaces.

Embrace the Beauty of Nature

There’s a reason flowers are one of the first decorations people plan for weddings. Flowers and plants bring life into any space, inside and outside. When determining which flower or plants you want to incorporate, consider purchasing plants that are indigenous to the area. When you use locally sourced flowers and plants in your design, you draw attention to the stunning natural beauty of Arizona that astounds residents and visitors alike.

Once your decorations are all in place, don’t forget to take photographs. In addition to capturing memorable moments, these photos show your home at its best. If you are ever interested in selling your home, sharing photographs of your home decked out for a special occasion is a fantastic way to catch the eye of potential buyers. If you are considering placing your home on the market, contact us at Walt Danley Realty today. Our professional and experienced team would be happy to answer any questions.