Should I Include Holiday Décor When Staging My Home?

holiday decor

Should I take down my holiday decorations if I’m trying to sell my home? At Walt Danley Realty, we get asked this question a lot. As we approach the holiday season, more clients reach out to us to inquire if wreaths or menorahs will affect their home’s appeal. While seasonal décor might not make a difference to some buyers, it could be a huge turn off to others. We’ll explain why.

Too Religious

It’s fine to be religious, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes, heavily decorating your home in sacred Christmas or Hanukkah décor can turn potential buyers away. If you’re looking to be more festive, stick with neutral designs such as fall leaves, pinecones, white candles, snowflakes, or greenery.

The Scent is Overwhelming

Be careful not to bombard your guests with a cloud of scented candles the minute they step inside the front door. Potential buyers might think you’re trying to hide something, like a stench from the carpet in your teenage son’s room. If you need some fragrance, opt for one or two small scent diffusers that don’t overpower your senses. Another trick is to skip the artificial fragrances and bake a tray of holiday cookies before showings.

Too Much Clutter

When you decorate your home for the holidays, you’re adding extra items to the existing furniture and décor in the room. Lamps, couches, chairs, mantel ornaments, and table settings go unmoved while you add a tree, menorah, ribbon, pinecones, tree branches, etc. With these additions, your space can feel cluttered and small. One of the main goals of staging your home is to show how open each area is – not how much you can stuff in one corner.

The Décor Clashes with the Home

Holiday lights can be a nice touch throughout a home, but we suggest choosing white over multi-colored light strands. The same goes for candles and other holiday décor. If your home is smothered in bright reds and greens, buyers may be turned off immediately. A safer color scheme would be white, champagne, and silver.

The Holidays Have Passed

If your Halloween decorations are still up in mid-November, potential buyers may view that as an act of laziness on the homeowner’s part. This could lead to a trail of negative thoughts about the condition of a home. Can the buyer be confident that you have kept up with home maintenance? Make it a point to remove themed décor as soon as the holiday has passed.

If you’re worried your holiday décor will scare home buyers away, remember “less is more.” It’s always safe to keep holiday decorating to a minimum while you’re selling. When in doubt, give us a call at 480-991-2050 and one of our agents would be happy to speak with you.