Karen Ganz Brings The Art Of The Sale To Life

Ask any artist and they will tell you that creating a work of art is as much about instinct as it is about vision and flair. When your artistic passion comes from the heart, your innermost expressions come alive. And so it is with the buying and selling of luxury real estate. When a real estate agent uses imaginative insight and an incomparable sense of business savvy, their ability to create a successful real estate transaction seems as effortless as a stoke of a paintbrush.

At Walt Danley Realty, we are blessed with the truly creative gifts of Karen Ganz. With a background in fine arts and a penchant for travel, Karen brings her experience with aesthetics and culture to her career as a luxury real estate agent.

“My studies in art at the University of Arizona and my travels abroad have helped to cultivate my appreciation for various art styles, architectural designs, and cultures,” Karen says. “Finding beauty in real estate helps my clients whether they are buying or selling a luxury home.”

As a longtime Arizona resident and a real estate agent since 1984, Karen recognizes the appeal of living in the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Arizona Biltmore areas. “Arizona’s climate and natural beauty is a perfect combination for any outdoor activity, be it tennis, golf, hiking, or just relaxing on one’s patio,” she says. “Living the Arizona dream brings perspective and harmony to the luxury lifestyle.”

Karen joined Walt Danley’s team in 2008 and has worked with Walt specifically on several real estate ventures. She says she enjoys the collaborative approach that uniquely sets Walt Danley Realty apart from other luxury real estate firms.

Additionally, Karen believes that consistent communication is the key to a successful relationship with her colleagues and her clients. “Beyond the customized, full-service programs we offer our clients at Walt Danley Realty, we also keep them abreast of current market trends,” Karen says. “Communication with clients is imperative, which is why I keep in close contact with my clients on a regular basis.”

Karen also takes pride in the service model behind Walt Danley Realty’s operation. “To give real service,” Karen says, “there should be a sense of sincerity and integrity.” This is a philosophy she applies to her client-first work ethic and comprehensive market knowledge.

When working with Karen, there is no question that her clients find her to be among the most creative in the industry. She listens to her clients and helps to illustrate and realize their ultimate goals.

If you would like to learn more about how Karen Ganz can help you with your luxury real estate needs, contact her here at Walt Danley Realty. Whether buying or selling a home, you can’t go wrong with Karen and her approach to the art of the sale.