Living Among The Springtime Wildflowers

Springtime in the Valley of the Sun is known for many things including idyllic temperatures and Cactus League baseball. But, in our opinion, the true beauty of this time of year comes from the vibrant colors of the desert blooms that emerge from the rugged terrain of our local landscape. These colors paint an especially beautiful backdrop for those looking for luxury homes in our area.

To give you a true appreciation for the colors that grace our backyards in the spring, here is a guide to some of the most impressive wildflowers, many of which you’ll find in the Valley through April and sometimes into May:

Brittlebush: Commonly visible along sunny hillsides throughout the Arizona desert, Brittlebush is a member of the sunflower family. The brilliant yellow blooms with blue-gray leaves and thin stalks typically grow 2-3 feet tall.

Hedgehog Cactus: A short cactus with many individual species, the Hedgehog Cactus blooms anywhere between mid-March into early April. There are two notable varieties of Hedgehog Cactus: the “Strawberry Hedgehog” with red-tinged spines, and the “Golden Hedgehog” with yellow-tinged spines. The flowers from this cactus are typically pink or purple with a funnel shape that can grow up to 3 inches wide.

Scorpion Weed: While the common name of this wildflower might not sound appealing, it’s appearance is definitely pleasing to the eye. Also known as Blue Phacelia or Wild Heliotrope, this tiny plant produces diminutive blue cup-shaped blooms. Scorpion Weed is best viewed from afar, however, as it can emit a harsh scent if accidentally stepped upon.

Creosote Bush: Speaking of smell, the Creosote Bush produces a strong fragrance when it rains. This aroma is often called the “smell of the desert”. Creosote Bushes are one of the larger desert shrubs, often growing up to six feet tall. Blooming a striking yellow color, Creosotes are known for their rough-looking flowers that can turn a desert field into a glorious blanket of gold.

Aside from seeing these and other springtime desert blooms among hillside luxury homes, you can also marvel at their beauty in such locations as the Desert Botanical Garden, Lost Dutchman State Park, and McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

If you are looking for a luxury home that boasts all of the glory of the Valley in springtime, now is the time to call us at Walt Danley Realty. The desert blooms are in full effect, and we would love to show you how amazing desert living can be.