Luxury Trends in Holiday Home Décor

Holiday Home Décor

As the trees begin to change colors and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air, it could only mean one thing: Autumn is right around the corner. Is your house ready for the seasonal change? Here’s what’s trending in luxury holiday home décor.

Pumpkin Cloches

These hand-crafted cloches are blown out of recycled glass and add a touch of glamour to any Halloween spread. Perch them on candle holders, or place them next to one another surrounded by faux yellow and orange leaves. These beauties can be found at

Feather-Filled Centerpieces

Feathers are back in style. Don’t believe us? Watch any fashion show this year, and you’d be amazed at how many designs incorporate feathers. Have a little fun by incorporating pheasant feathers into your holiday décor this autumn. Start with a simple white vase. Fill it with a mix of pheasant feathers and floral arrangements, and surround the vase with gold painted pine cones. See an example here.

Linen Pumpkins

Trying to stick with a neutral color palette? Add a rustic touch to your natural tablescape with linen pumpkins. You can get creative by placing them side-by-side or spreading them out along the table runner. The scenic squash pair well with pinecones and a touch of greenery. Purchase yours on

Autumn Wreath with Hydrangea

A stunning wreath announces the beginning of the holiday season. Welcome your guests with warmth and charm as they approach your front door. This stunning wreath will have all your neighbors turning their heads. Uniquely designed, each wreath is hand made to perfection and can be purchased on

Thanksgiving Hurricane Glass Candle Holders

Looking for an elegant way to dress up your mantel? Festive candle holders are a classic décor choice. Here’s an idea: Place white candles inside hurricane glasses and sprinkle a few oak leaves at the bottom to add color. Balance your stunning centerpiece by incorporating black-and-bronze painted pumpkins surrounding the base of the glasses.

Once your holiday decorations are all in place, make sure to snap a photo! Not only are you saving the memories for yourself, but you could potentially be enticing future buyers when you share the photos with them. If you are considering placing your home on the market, contact us at Walt Danley Realty today. Our professional and experienced team would be happy to answer any questions.