Meet Luxury Real Estate Specialist Christy Dean

Christy Dean knows a lot about luxury real estate. As one of the Valley’s premiere luxury real estate agents, she has sold more than $300 million in residential real estate throughout her career.

After graduating from the University of Arizona and working in the high-end retail leasing business in Newport Beach, California, Christy turned to residential real estate. She got her start in this niche in the San Francisco Bay Area where the market is always booming and so are the housing prices. “There is no way not to sell luxury real estate” in the Bay Area, Christy says, regardless of the size of the house. “My first sale was a $900.000 two bedroom, one bath home a few doors down from the train tracks…and that was 16 years ago!”

Of course, the Paradise Valley/Scottsdale market is a far cry from Christy’s first home sale. Having grown up in Paradise Valley and returning to the area in 2003, Christy has keen insight into the local community and housing market. She says that “selling here is natural to me”, and her experience clearly shows in her approach to helping her clients.

Christy’s clients praise her for always putting their interests at the forefront. With a reputation for being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and extremely professional, she is also well respected by her industry peers.

“Christy is a polished professional,” says Walt Danley, President of Walt Danley Realty. “ She is passionate about what she does and perfectionistic about the quality of her client representation.”

Speaking of being a perfectionist, Christy claims she cannot put a house on the market “unless it is showing the very best it possibly can.” Christy once owned an interior design firm, so her penchant for style and presentation are always a part of her service to her clients. “I enjoy the staging part of the business, and often spend several days at a house myself (staging) before putting it on the market.”

Aside from her active life in the real estate industry, Christy serves as a board member for P.A.N.D.A., an organization that raises funds to benefit the Steele Children’s Research Center. She is also a member of Mother’s Grace, which supports local families in need.

If you would like to learn more about how Christy Dean can help you either buy or sell a luxury home, contact her at Walt Danley Realty.