Outdoor Fireplace versus a Fire Pit – Which Should You Choose?

Outdoor Fireplace

With the recent luxury trend of incorporating indoor features outside, fireplaces and fire pits have seen a spike in popularity since 2016. HGTV’s design expert Kate Campbell says fire features “not only add ambiance to an outdoor space but also provide heat and light that allows you to use your deck later into the evening and into the year.” Whether you’re looking to cozy up for a romantic evening or gather with friends by the fire, we’re here to help you determine if a fireplace or fire pit is right for you.

Why Choose an Outdoor Fireplace?

If you’re looking for a more permanent fixture to enhance your backyard’s look, an outdoor fireplace may be your solution. Fireplaces consist of a firebox to hold the fire, and a chimney to properly ventilate the smoke. They can stand alone or join to a patio wall. The fireplace exterior is typically covered in stacked stone, brick, concrete, river rock, flagstone, or limestone. Fireplaces tend to have a higher price tag than fire pits, and can obstruct views depending on how large you have it built. On the other hand, fireplaces generally provide better wind protection, more privacy, and can burn wood, gas, or propane.

Why Choose a Fire Pit?

Fire pits offer more versatility than fireplaces. You’re able to either build a permanent underground pit, or buy one that can be relocated when not in use. The permanent pit’s interior must be made of authentic firebrick and fire grout for safety. The above ground “walls” can be covered with stone, brick, tile, or concrete. Fire pits won’t obstruct any views, so they can go virtually anywhere in your backyard without affecting your landscape. Another advantage of having a fire pit is that you can fit more chairs around it, thus allowing more people to enjoy its warmth. Because fire pits do not offer as much protection as fireplace walls, it is less ideal for windy conditions.

Because outdoor fireplaces and fire pits have been trending over the past few years, they could attract more luxury buyers to you home if you choose to sell. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home in the Phoenix area, Realtors at Walt Danley are standing by. Contact us today for more information and tips on how you can keep your home up-to-date.