When Selling A Home, It’s The Little Things…

Staging a home helps make it more inviting and attractive to potential buyers. Our Walt Danley Realty professionals always recommend de-cluttering and de-personalizing prior to open houses or any showings. While clearing the daily clutter from kitchen counters is essential and removing personal photographs also is a must-do, it’s often the little things that can make a huge difference when staging your home for potential buyers.

Make it Fresh

Fresh flowers, tantalizing aromas, and an overall brightness to the rooms are all easy yet effective elements for home staging.

Create Spa-like Feel

Beyond adding fresh flowers to the master bathroom, create a spa-like feel by displaying plush towels, stylish containers on the counter, and a tub tray decked out with a bud vase and flower, book, and aromatic candle. Artfully lay one of plush towels across the edge of the tub near the tub tray.

Transform an Unused Space

Add a comfy chair, lamp, and side table to a stairwell nook to create a cozy reading spot. Set the stage by tossing a blanket across the arm of the chair and placing a couple o books on the table. Be sure to turn on the lamp to highlight the space.

Set the Table

Show off the beauty and functionality of your luxury dining room to prospective buyers. Set the dining table with a runner or linen tablecloth and your china and stemware. Create place settings as if you were preparing a table for a special occasion. Add a centerpiece of fresh flowers to complete the look.

Mind the Rule of Three

RealtorĀ®Mag advises home sellers that when staging your home, “Odd numbers create tension that provides visual interest.” Group accent pieces like candles in threesomes, using varying heights to increase that visual interest. Accessories make the most impact when grouped by shape, color, and/or texture.

Our agents at Walt Danley Realty are ready to help you stage your home and find the perfect buyer. Contact us today for details on listing your luxury home.