Showcasing Your In-Home Art Collection

Home design professionals suggest selecting a distinctive piece of artwork to define a room, using that piece as inspiration for the overall theme and décor of the space. However, today’s luxury home owner is more likely to require space for a full art collection. In-home art curating or the home gallery has now taking center stage in the luxury home community. While pools, tennis courts, and high-tech home theaters are certainly must-haves in a luxury home, our Walt Danley Realty professionals also know it’s the home art gallery that commands attention right along side them.

Defining In-Home Art Curating

In-home art curating allows a luxury homeowner the ability to display and showcase their collection, whether it’s prints, painting, sculptures, or collectibles like sports memorabilia, wine, and even cars.

“People used to buy art to decorate newly purchased homes. Now people buy new homes to showcase their expanding art collection,” states Brooke Lampley our colleague from Christie’s, home to the world’s leading art experts.

Types of Space for Home Galleries

The ways to display your art collection vary and depend upon the type and size of the collection. When art takes center stage in your luxury home, the gallery space needs to be as special as each of the individual items in the collection.

Luxury homes offer some of the best spaces for an in-home art display. When designing a space for a home art gallery must-haves may include:

When looking for a new luxury home with a great space for in-home art curating, please contact our Walt Danley Realty team today to discuss your home needs.