Storage Ideas For Luxury Homes

Every size home needs great storage space, from stylish containers that offer both beauty and function to built-ins that enhance the home’s interior aesthetics. Stroll through a Walt Danley luxury home listing and you’ll find a variety of unique and interesting storage options for every room.


Creative storage ideas for the kitchen range from a corner cabinet with built-in lazy-Susan to slide-out slim racks that easily store baking sheets. Pull-out organizers are key for storing larger pots and cooking ware, while a spice drawer keeps ingredients just a fingertip away when cooking. Don’t overlook the usefulness of built-in bins to keep produce like potatoes and onions handy and fresh.

Bedrooms and Master En Suite

Walk-in closets in the bedrooms and master en suite offer spacious storage, but custom organization takes it to the next level. Today’s modern closet designs combine built-in shelves, drawers, and hanging space with specialty lighting and high-quality materials for the ultimate in luxury. Floating shelves to display shoes and handbags under lights is one option, while easy-glide, lined drawers designated for jewelry, scarves, and belts are another. Maximize walk-in closet space with a 360-degree, turning organizer for hanging shirts and more.

In the en suite, utilize full cabinet vanities that feature various drawer depths to accommodate personal items. Pull out or sliding shelves in lower cabinets are ideal storage for larger items and bulky paper goods. For the ultimate in luxury, consider adding a warming drawer to keep bath towels toasty.

Living Areas

Custom home built-ins offer premium storage space throughout the main living areas. However, sometimes a bit of hidden storage is just what’s needed. Think stylish ottomans in the living or family room, the type with a removable top that reveals interior space for throw blankets, charging cords for devices, or even as space to hide kids’ toys when company unexpectedly arrives.


Enhance your backyard and swimming area with a custom pool house/cabana. A pool house not only offers a convenient space for changing into swimwear, it’s also the ideal place for storing pool towels, extra bathing suits for guests, and pool accessories like chair cushions, kids’ water toys, and more.

Need more storage solutions for your home or maybe you’re ready to look at a new luxury home with custom closets and beautiful built-ins? Contact us today and we’ll work to find your perfect home.