The Latest In Flooring Trends For Luxury Homes

When updating a luxury home before putting it on the market or renovating to make a newly purchased home fit your style, flooring makes the difference. A high-quality floor is one of the first things a guest or prospective buyer notices when they enter your home. At Walt Danley Realty, our experienced professionals know the latest in flooring trends. Let’s take a look at just a few.

A Range of Hardwoods

It doesn’t appear that hardwood will go out of style any time soon for your luxury home flooring. Right now trends range from the bold and dramatic look of very dark hardwood (almost black) to the lightest blond woods and bamboo in an array of colors. Bamboo is harder than most traditional hardwoods used for flooring and it offers a unique look with its distinctive stranding. Another popular choice for hardwood flooring today is reclaimed wood. The wide planks create a beautiful and classic look in any home, adding instant warmth and charm to a room.

Unique Tile Shapes

Tile choices are numerous with a broad selection of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes. While marble floor tile offers a classic look, current flooring trends see a design preference for large format tile or oversized tiles. These pieces may be found as large as 36-inches by 36-inches. Not recommended for smaller spaces, large format tile look amazing in a great room, open-concept kitchen area, and grand entrance hall.

Another trending look for flooring tiles are unique shapes. These may include but are not limited to octagon-shaped tiles, free-form tiles that may be custom-ordered, and mosaic-style detailing that adds visual appeal to a bathroom or entranceway.

Cut-and-Loop Carpet

While many homeowners have been replacing carpeting with hardwood or tile, the design experts at HGTV report a trend regarding the cut-and-loop style carpet. This is a luxurious carpet to add to a bedroom. It features a combination of “both loops and cut loops” that allow manufacturers to “create a carpet with patterns that range from subtle to bold.” The fibers are exceptionally soft, ideal for bare feet when just stepping out of bed.

For more insight into some of the hottest trends in luxury homes, contact us at Walt Danley Realty today.