What Type Of Flooring Fits Your Style?

Flooring trends seem to ebb and flow like any other home design feature. But when selecting high-quality flooring for your luxury home, you have some options. Here are a few choices that stand out:

Classic Hardwood Floors

Classic hardwood flooring in oak, maple, hickory, and cherry never truly goes out of style.  Hardwoods can be both traditional and trendy as they go with a variety of decor choices. A solid hardwood floor features planks that typically are about 3/4-inch thick and ideal for refinishing at a later date as needed. This makes them a popular choice when restoring an older or historic home. With a premium finish, this classic style of flooring is elegant in any room.

Exotic and Reclaimed Hardwoods

Exotic hardwood flooring ranges from Brazilian Cherry to Tigerwood, Tasmanian Blackwood, Acacia, African Mahogany,  and Koa, the latter which is rare and grows in Hawaii. Macassar Ebony, grown in Indonesia, is another exotic hardwood that has gained popularity for flooring in luxury homes.

Reclaimed hardwoods offer an environmentally-friendly choice and add value to the home with their beauty. Choosing reclaimed hardwood for flooring and other design purposes in the home is a current trend we expect will continue for some time.

High-End Trends

For some homes, wood floors of any type, even exotic, simply don’t fit the overall design. Current high-end flooring trends for luxury homes include but are not limited to stunning mosaic, marble, and bespoke tiles. Often hand-crafted, these tiles create a unique look for an entryway, master bath, or sunroom. Handmade ceramic and glass tiles as well as antique tiles help create a one-of-a-kind look for your luxury home.

When looking for something fabulously decadent in marble tiles, look no further than LuxTouch, a black marble tile that features an inlay of 95 stunning cut diamonds plus mother-of-pearl, black onyx, and abalone shell. It’s exquisite and can run up to $1 million per square meter.

No matter what type of flooring suits your fancy, our team at Walt Danley Realty can help you find a home that will be perfect for all of your architectural and decor requirements. Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley offer beautiful homes for sale in locations that with floor you!  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.